Dame Diane Robertson

Social Sector and Data Entrepreneur

Inaugural Chair

Data Futures Partnership & New Zealand Behavioural Insights group (Nudge Unit)

New Zealand

Dame Diane is a successful social sector entrepreneur, giving her a unique combination of strong business and financial skills with strong social sector credentials. 

Diane is the Chair of the New Zealand Behavioural Insights group (Nudge Unit) and the Inaugural Chair of the Data Futures Partnership.  

The Partnership lead a nationwide engagement campaign with thousands of New Zealanders to examine the conditions for social licence of data use in New Zealand; explored the barriers to data use through research and projects; and identified potential solutions from innovations to strengthen the data system.

Diane is a former City Missioner at the Auckland City Mission. She designed the Family 100 Research project and was responsible for the collation and analysis of data gathered from the participants. This has become one of New Zealand’s leading authorities on families living in poverty.

Working with Statistics New Zealand, Diane led a project to add Auckland City Mission data to the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI). 

Her passion is to deliver better outcomes for New Zealanders through the development of sound policies informed by qualitative and quantitative data.