Bradley Ward

General Manager Commerce, Consumers & Communications Branch

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE)

New Zealand

Brad Ward has extensive experience in the public and private sector.  Brad has worked in the public sector, at the Ministry of Economic Development and now MBIE, since 2005, in various roles.  He has played lead roles on initiatives such as the first government digital strategy; growth strategies for the screen, aquaculture and manufacturing sectors; Ultra-Fast and Rural Broadband; reviews of the Telecommunications Act; and the passing of the Telecommunications (Interception Capability and Security) Act.  Brad has lead the Sector Development, Digital Development and Information, Technology and Telecommunications policy teams.  Brad was a Policy Director and then Acting General manager in the Commerce and Consumer Branch up to June 2015 when he became General Manager of the new Commerce, Consumers and Communications Branch at MBIE.  Prior to life in the public sector, Brad worked for Unisys as a Senior Public Sector Consultant and at AMP Financial Services as an IT Manager and senior business analyst (for 10years) in both New Zealand and Australia.  Brad is married with two young children and is a keen sports fan (Cricket and Rugby) and gardener.