Sam Minnée

CEO and Co-founder


New Zealand

Sam is the co-founder and CEO of SilverStripe, creators of an open-source platform that helps harried digital teams actually get shit done. Prior to 2011, Sam was CTO of the company since its inception in 2000.

SilverStripe has a successful 17-year history of providing websites and web platforms for B2C corporates and government agencies, most notably building the NZ Government’s Common Web Platform, an all-of-government Platform-as-a-Service based on SilverStripe CMS.

During his time as CTO, Sam was the lead developer of SilverStripe CMS, and although his current job involves less coding, he is still passionate about progressing the practise of software development, including topics such as continuous deployment, test automation, and agile methodologies.

Sam loves bringing together teams of great people to do their best work, whether it’s in the platforms that SilverStripe produce, the growth of teams at SilverStripe, or the creation of a company where people want to work.