Kat Lintott



New Zealand

Kat is co-founder of Wrestler, a creative video, VR & AR agency, leading the company’s VR/AR/MR content projects. Previously, Kat worked at 8i as their Chief Communications Officer, establishing their local and international profile whilst also producing their research and development content. Kat spent two years on the NZ VR/AR Association Executive Committee and is also creating masterclasses at the recently announced Miramar Creative Centre in VR/AR/MR.  Kat's goal is to work with the New Zealand VR/AR/MR community to make sure that we are producing content on a global scale for a global audience. Kat is making and encouraging content that is adding to society, giving viewers who are coming out of these experiences the feeling of empowerment to be part of the real world too. Her particular interest is in creating content with strong female and culturally diverse characters. Her two main projects have been funded by New Zealand Film Commission, one is focusing on empowering your inner feminine by dancing with Goddesses and the other is exploring traditional Maori storytelling with modern Maori storytelling. She also works with brands such as NZSO, DIA and Wellington Airport/Singapore Airlines to create fun and empowering content for their audiences.   She is exploring the different ways stories should be captured and told with technology from an iPhone all the way through to an immersive interactive VR headset. She is developing a distribution understanding as to how this content can get to the right audiences. Lastly she’s aiming to bring young talent along on the journey so that New Zealand has a strong foundation of talent for the future of this industry in New Zealand.