David Clearwater

General Manager

Conscious Consumers

New Zealand

David is the general manager of New Zealand-based social enterprise Conscious Consumers. Conscious Consumers connects consumers and businesses for the good of people and planet. Since its inception, Conscious Consumers has become a thriving movement with over 10,000 consumer members and 400 accredited businesses. Conscious Consumers recently raised NZ$2m to bring its mix of social mission and leading-edge technologies to the UK.  

Prior to Conscious Consumers, David was a Regional Director at Ākina Foundation, a NGO growing New Zealand’s emerging social enterprise sector. At Ākina, David delivered support programmes for hundreds of social enterprises, and led delivery of New Zealand’s first social enterprise accelerator, Launchpad.  

David's early career was spent in the digital space, running projects and channels at Vodafone Czech Republic, and then managing a UK network of job boards called Milkround.